Monday, May 4, 2009

What!? In li'l ol' Albuqueruque?

As a sewer, I'm often saddened by our selection of fabric stores here in Albuquerque. We basically have only chain stores. There are lots of quilting stores, too, but those are limited to quilting fabric, of course.

OK, so get this: What Albuquerque does have is two pretty cool little sewing places.

1. Hip Stitch. I've mentioned this one lots of times. It's a small fabric shop and sewing lounge. It carries Amy Butler (one of only two places in town) and Alexander Henry. It also has Amy Butler and Favorite Things patterns, thread, some pretty buttons and cute sewing books.
But, that's not all! (in deep, infomercial voice) In the back is a sewing lounge, complete with machines.
Classes are offered, along with craft nights and use of the sewing area for a nominal fee. Locally owned, this shop also features local artisans and sometimes offers them a place to show their wares. Sometimes there are trunk shows by various brands so you can check out finished projects and buy patterns and fabrics.
Located on San Antonio in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque.

2. The Designer's Lounge. I just discovered this one, and have never been there. I have checked out the Web site, though. It's a mother-daughter owned sewing boutique that offers sewing and fashion design lessons, also in a super-cute environment. It provides dress forms, machines, drafting equipment and expertise. In the Downtown or Nob Hill area, I believe.

I think, and could be wrong, that both places accommodate craft parties, if you're looking for something fun to do with friends.

Be grateful, Albuquerque, for these great little places.


Marissa said...

Very cool! See what I miss??!!

HipStitch said...

Thanks for the blurb about us! It was good to see you Saturday - I love seeing your creations when you come!