About this blog

It's 2-2-2 times the Jesus!

One night, Mark and I were watching a movie his sister was in called "Magdalena: Released From Shame." (That's his sister, Rebecca Ritz, in blue on the Web site.) At the end, we were watching the credits and -- oh, wait! I forgot to tell you what it said at the beginning. As the movie started, it announced that Jesus was played by an actor. Back to the credits -- it had a credit for Jesus, then it had a credit for additional Jesus. I don't know what that means, but for some reason it's pretty funny to me.

At the exact same moment, Mark and I looked at each other and said, "Additional Jesus. That sounds like a band name!"

I don't have a band, but I have a blog. Additional Jesus, I've named it after you. I picture you as being the lonely younger brother of Jesus. The one who always gets picked last for everything and never gets any of the glory. And you're probably the fun one, am I right? You sing karaoke and tell great jokes and love to go TP houses? Here's to you, additional son of God.

(I had to repost this when converting it to a "page." The original post, along with its accompanying hate mail, can be found here.)