Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Everything I know about New Mexico I learned from the movies

Have you ever been to New Mexico? You're probably about to say, "I drove through there once, but didn't stop." I heard that a hundred times when I lived in California. It's so weird. Everyone says that word for word. Why doesn't anybody stop? I think I might have the answer: The movies.

Have you ever seen a movie that takes place in New Mexico that doesn't make us look like the creepiest, most backward place? Ever? As far as Hollywood is concerned, the state consists of nothing but tiny, tiny towns with dirt roads and dilapidated trailers full of creepy people that remind you of the family in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." We all have chickens running around in our yards and sit around with scary toothless grins and glazed-over eyes. We're the kind of place where if you go to jail, you're in even more danger because the cops are a bunch of inbred freaks who want to kill you and feed you to Grandma.

Case in point: "The Hitcher," at a theater near you now! It takes place in good ol' Torrance County, N.M. Actually, I think Torrance County is kinda full of dirt roads and broken down trailer homes, come to think of it. And maybe there ARE some toothless people. Hmmmmm. I'm not so sure anymore where I'm going with this blog entry.

OK, well if you drive through New Mexico, stop in at Albuquerque. We won't eat you! We might shoot at you, but we definitely WON'T eat you.

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