About me

I'm Robyn. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. I like to make stuff. Lots of stuff. Or, I used to. This blog started before I had a kid. And went back to school. And basically lost all free time.

I have a cute little boy with big eyes and a great husband. I am a kitty-cat fanatic, but both of my sweeties died in 2010 at age 17.

I'm part award-winning journalist and part sewer/knitter/needleworker. In addition to being a newspaper copy editor, I was fortunate to have a fantastic gig blogging and social networking for Warehouse Fabrics Inc. Now I'm back in school getting my teaching license.

I had my one-and-only kiddo at the age of 36, and that's about all I care about anymore. Like, for instance, I used to care about what I looked like. My hair is full of flyaways, I have an extra 10 pounds to lose and I frequently wear flats. I'm like, "Heels? But they are uncomfortable." What? Who is this alien inside me? She looks like me, but way uglier.

This is where I write about anything and everything. Could be things I sew or knit, could be that I love bacon or something funny I saw. I wish I had people who still read my blog, but when your posts are spaced 2.5 years apart, you tend to lose people.

(That photo up there was taken by my friend Sonya of Sonya Cogan Photography.)