Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not F.A.Q.

Oh, man. What a dorkamabus. I just noticed this has been on my blog as "F.Q.A." instead of "F.A.Q." I have fixed it. Now on with the post...

I see frequently asked questions on other blogs. I guess those blogs have readers and stuff. Nobody asks me any questions, but that won't stop me from providing answers.

1. What kind of sewing machine do you use?
I use a Kenmore 385 something or other, and I love it. I also have a Brother serger that I am not too familiar with. Threading it is scary, so I try to be very nice to it.

sewing room

2. What is your studio like?

My studio is a folding table shoved into a tiny space. I do have a window, and I have plans to have a carpenter that we used before come and build me a compact corner sewing station with hutch. I drew a picture, but, well, good thing I'm not an architect or something. Dimensions and scale are not my forte.

sewing room

sewing roomorganize,sewing room

3. What kind of camera do you use?
I know what you're really asking: "How do you take such crappy pictures?" I use whatever point and shoot piece of junk that's on sale at Costco whenever my previous camera breaks. Right now it's a Panasonic DMC-TZ4. It's got a fabulous all-or-nothing flash that either over or under exposes every picture I take. I cannot do those artsy pictures that focus on particular thing. I just get what it gives me. I'm a terrible photographer.

4. As a New Mexican, do you pronounce "seven" as "saven" and "eleven" and "elaven" (with the "a" as in "apple")?

I do not. I make fun of people who do, though. I have heard outsiders say that New Mexicans have a certain accent. This is very disconcerting to me, as it cannot be a good thing.

5. What crafts do you do, and how did you get started in them?

Most of my life, I could have cared less about arts and/or crafts. Then, weeks before my 30th birthday, I had a sudden hankering to sew. I got everyone to pitch in on a sewing machine and I taught myself. I was immediately obsessed.
I have also studied a bit of fashion design at the Santa Fe Community College. It was just for the learning experience.
I took up knitting a few years ago, again, self-taught. I love knitting. I also learned how to dye and spin yarn, but I'm not as excited about those hobbies.
I am now a quilter, as well. Here is my first quilt, for my mother-in-law:


6. Why should I read your blog?
You shouldn't, probably. It's really not that interesting. I'm really excited that there are a few people who do bother to read it regularly.

7. Your blog is called "Additional Jesus." Are you a religious nut?
No. I am not religious at all. But for some reason the term "the baby Jesus" always gets me giggling. If you want to know where my blog got its name, click here.


Amy said...

awww, MAN! now I WANT a blog faq!

Lisa said...

Ahahaha! You are funny!

Sharon said...

Ha!Ha! Nobody has ever asked me those questions either, but now I want to add F.A.Q.s!

Virg said...

This is a little bit of an akward start and I hope its okay to leave a message on a previous year's post. But I think I love you.

I too take crappy pictures! And renamed my blog without routing anything. Anyhow, you're making me laugh. A lot. Thanks. :-)

theperfectnose said...

This reminded me of 'lies make baby jesus cry' from the Simpsons or such..

Dusty Brailsford said...

You crack me up!!! :-D  I love your blog!!  LOL!!!