Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fix a torn sheet, ghetto style

Six years ago, we got a nice pair of sheets for our wedding. Somehow, we have reached a point where they are our only sheets, and we are broke because the stock market has gone to hell and our entire future is up in smoke. OK, so I'm only pretending to be as freaked out as my husband is. But he kept bugging me to fix the sheets, and I really didn't know what he expected me to do with them since the tear is right in the middle.

Because I hate mending jobs, I suggested we have a "gift party" for ourselves and tell people where we are registered. But he thought that was tacky. Hmmph. So off to the sewing room while the baby naps. 

I'm pretty sure nobody else on Earth wants sheets that look like this, but I'll post my tutorial anyway.

I decided that there was no invisible way to fix these, so I'd just find a way to keep them from tearing even more. I grabbed a few leftover squares from my Dream On Charm Pack (from which I made this quilt).

The squares were just the right size, so I didn't have to cut them. If you are using regular pieces of fabric, just use pinking shears to get a zigzaggy edge.

I needed to apply one on each side lined up just right, so I used quilt basting spray to temporarily attach one. Then I used a fabric marker to mark the corners, knowing that I'd be able to see the marks from the other side.

Then I flipped it over and used basting spray to attach the other square. This stuff isn't all that strong. It allows you to peel off and reposition if you want. I didn't want my squares to shift, so I added pins.

Then I did a wide but short zigzag stitch all the way around, almost like an applique. I actually stitched just inside the edge of the patches, but you could go right over the edge if you like.

And that's it! Hopefully, no more fingers will get caught on the hole and rip it further. Ghetto? Hells yes. But that's how we roll.

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