Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I drew a girl!

I took my first fashion design drawing class that I won at The Designer's Lounge today. I went in unable to even draw a stick figure and came out with this!

It's a great little place where you can get one-on-one instruction, and it turns out the owner and I went to elementary and middle school together! Small world, huh?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Learning to draw

There's a local business called The Designer's Lounge. It's a place where you can learn fashion design skills like pattern drafting and draping, along with sewing and other things.

Boy do I wish this had been around when I was taking such classes in Santa Fe. Would have saved me a long trip and supported a local business, as well.I had never been to this place (I did make it over there once but they were closed, darn the luck), but I was on the mailing list and followed it on Facebook, etc.

I tell you, due to time constraints, I often delete emails from companies unread. But for local shops, I try to take a look. This newsletter announced an anniversary giveaway, so I entered. And I won! I won five hours of free instruction on the topic of my choice.

After a consultation with the owner, Teresa, I decided on fashion illustration. I have explored draping and flat pattern before, though I don't remember much. I thought that since I don't have much time right now for "homework," I'd probably be better off not getting involved in a garment right now.I have never been able to draw anything. At all. My dad and brother were natural-born artists. Not me. I still draw about on the level of stick figures, at best. But Teresa says anybody can learn, so this will be really fun for me. I have my first lesson on Tuesday.

Let's see what my starting point is. This is a photo from a few years ago where I drew Mark and he drew me. I never thought anyone could be worse than I am at drawing, but there he is! I drew the picture on the left. Incidentally, our 2-year-old son instantly knew who it was when I came across it the other day in a drawer, so there must be some resemblance, right?

I'll give you an update after I do some learnin'!

Friday, November 2, 2012

What the Truck?

I think the fact that he calls the color gold "goldfish" is so stinkin' cute.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pooh-poohing Halloween

My kid is the only one who hates Halloween. I watched with some jealousy as friends posted pics on Facebook of their happy and cooperative costumed tots.

Every time we mentioned "Halloween" or "costume," he got mad and screamed that he didn't want to. "No not! Do not! Stop it mommy!"

So I didn't prepare a costume. But daddy insisted (I had to work last night) and so I went last minute to the children's resale shop and got the only costume left in his size.

If he wasn't mad before ... Well now he's a stupid Pooh bear dressed as a pumpkin. Barf.

Needless to say, he hated trick-or-treating at the mall and only showed interest in the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

Cleanest Pooh bear paws in the state! Come to think of it, that morning he was licking honey and saying, "Mmmmm. Yummy!" just like good ol' annoying Winnie would.