Friday, May 1, 2009

Secret sewing

I'm working on all kinds of things, most of which I can't show you because those items are gifs.

I will say this: I recently had the worst 10 minute period of my life, not to exaggerate. Right as Adam Lambert was announced as being in the bottom two on "American Idol," I simultaneously realized that a gift I'd been knitting for months now has a major flaw and cannot be given. I mean, it's not usable. I will explain more in a few weeks. I have decided to find someone else who may be able to fit better in the gift. I will also give another item I've been working on for myself in place of the first gift.

On top of this, I have another gift ready to start on, but here is a hint:


I also have a crappy photo of my McCall's M5803 top, in the Paris fabric:


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