Saturday, January 20, 2007

My husband went to Sea World and all I got were these lousy pajamas

You know what's not fun? When your husband goes to San Diego on a business trip and you have to stay home. And work. And what's even less fun is when he gets to go to Sea World and you have to stay home. And work. But you know what makes it all better? Whale pajamas!

Whale pajamas say just one thing: Sexxxy. Paired with flannel snowman sheets and a come-hither stare, I am irresistable.

Have you ever seen me without makeup? No, you haven't, because I always wear makeup. Always. So now's your chance to see me in all my imperfect glory. If you're mean, you'll save that photo to your computer and zoom in and laugh. You'll also see that I'm lying halfway because I'm too lazy to take my eye makeup off; I just wash my skin. I let my eye makeup smear all over my face until after my shower the next day.

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