Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Have you been feeling like "Lost" would never resume? Me too! But it's about to start again -- on my birthday! I can't think of a better gift. Thanks, ABC!

I got into "Lost" during the second season and became addicted. I bothered my co-worker by constantly asking for help understanding the plots, and she finally brought me season one on DVD. I got so hooked that I begged Mark to watch it. I told him that if he'd just watch the pilot, he could decide if he wanted to continue. After the pilot he said, "That show's dumb." (Quote paraprhased.) So I said, "OK, I guess you don't want to see anymore." He panicked and admitted he MUST have more "Lost."

I am certain that when "Lost" isn't on, which is most of the time, that things are still happening on that island. I'm just missing out, and it drives me crazy. One thing that makes me feel like I'm not a "true" fan is that no matter how much I try, I can't memorize "the numbers."

Mark and I initially agreed that we hated the Tailies. We only liked the original cast members. And when an extra would pop into a scene, we'd yell at them to get off our show. But I have always been fascinated with the Others, so when this season delved deeper into their lives, I was really excited. Mark's just annoyed. He wants to go back to the beach now, which is where it's apparently headed when it starts up again on FEBRUARY 7!!!

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