Saturday, January 20, 2007

A knit fit!

I started talking to this fellow Etsy seller who lives in Albuquerque and is part of a crafting group - I'm going to join them for an upcoming girl's night, and I think it's going to be really fun. I really don't spend a lot of time hanging out with other women, and it will be nice to get to know some other girls with similar interests.

Right now, I'm a sewer. I love to sew, and if I had my choice, it's all I would do. But as I look over the blogs on this Web site, I'm feeling inspired to learn to knit.

I have tried crocheting in the past and just ended up frustrated and didn't much care for it. But a coworker I have says she hates sewing and crocheting but loves to knit, so I thought maybe there's hope for me! It seems like a relatively cheap endeavor -- a couple of knitting needles, a book and some yarn to start out. With sewing (and especially patternmaking), you have to invest a small fortune: sewing machine, serger, vary form curve, 2x18 clear ruler, hip curve, French curves, dress form, fabric, thread, pattern paper, etc. So if I don't like knitting, it shouldn't be too big of a loss.

I suppose one thing I don't need right now is another thing to do, what with school starting and everything else (see post below), but what the heck. You know what I really want to make?

I'm referring to the center ones -- short sleeves. So cute. This is from a and it's not the sweater for sale, but the pattern. What if I could someday whip something like this together!?!

The other appealing thing about knitting is its portability. You can't exactly take your sewing machine with you to occupy your extra time during the day. Or to craftista meetings, I suppose.
I'll keep you posted. All zero readers of my blog.


Anonymous said...

I think you have to have a knitting machine to make this type of clo.

Burst of Happiness said...
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Burst of Happiness said...

Oops. I deleted my other comment.

See this Web site. The sweater is a pattern for regular knitters.