Saturday, January 27, 2007

Don't be expecting a sweater any time soon

I have given myself three knitting lessons so far. I bought a book that looks really great on the outside, but doesn't explain things very well on the inside. It's called "Knitting." That sounds like a book that doesn't mess around.

It's so much harder than I expected. The book doesn't really explain exactly what to do. I mean, it has to be very precise and "loop the yarn around" doesn't quite get me there. This is what I ended up with, and no matter which way you turn it, the stitches don't look anything like the stitches on the book cover. Maybe they shouldn't look even and perfect yet, but they should have some resemblance.

(bad pictures, as usual!)


T-shirt face said...

I told you that you need a knitting machine...

Burst of Happiness said...

So that was you, huh. Should have known. In that case, I'm making this yellow one into a special sweater just for you. Now you'll be bad sweater face.