Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big, bad toofas

Many of you may not know that I was a finalist on "The Swan" - that show where they make an ugly woman pretty.
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OK, but seriously, when my dad gave us those teeth for Christmas as a joke, my husband said, "Hey! It's Robyn's teeth when she was a kid!" That sounds mean, but it was really true. I really did have horrific teeth when I was a kid. Once I started getting my permanent teeth, something went terribly wrong. I started orthodontics in fourth grade when my teeth looked like this:
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That was the actual mold from when I was biting down. I told my parents I
liked my teeth that way. I couldn't even eat right because the only place my top and bottom teeth met was in the back left part of my mouth.

I then had braces until I was about 16, which also didn't make eating easy. I really identified with that Seinfeld character who ate everything, even cookies, with a knife and fork. I still do, out of habit.


Anonymous said...

i still have those teeth..:( you are gorgeous.

Brooklyn said...

i have braces i am only nine and have my 12 year mollars in wow!