Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fashion time machine

Remember the days when everybody dressed nicely all the time? When jeans would never be seen at a wedding? Neither do I, because I was born in the '70s and grew up in N.M. Everytime I look at clothes from the 1970s, I want to cry because it's not fair that I came from that time. For 10 entire years, nobody looked good.
But in the 1950s, and early-'60s, people always looked good. At least it seems that way, since I wasn't there to witness it. I liked that women always wore high heels and dresses, although I don't believe they really wore them while vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms like on TV.
For my draping and flat pattern classes I have to think of a project to design. "Dreamgirls" really inspired me to do something modest, ladylike and elegant. I want to update it by not having an overly full skirt. I'm thinking a combination of these things (bad scans):

Yes, I hate to admit that I'm finding inspiration in a Payless Shoe Source ad. I'm going for the pleated skirt and the fitted bodice with a v-back and modest front.

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Less Than Three Designs said...

Ooo. I was born in the 80s, so I too, feel your pain about not getting to witness fashion in the 50s and 60s. Everything was just so much... prettier!

And as an aside, I, too, found the clothing in Dreamgirls to be fascinating! Plus, Jennifer Hudson was AMAZING in the movie! I can't WAIT until it's out on DVD so I can own it. :)