Sunday, November 9, 2008

What!? Is it possible?

I was scrolling through Twitter updates and came across this Web site called Spoonflower where you can, excuse me, I must yell this: DESIGN YOUR OWN FABRIC!!!!!!!!!

I can't think of any actual reason I need to do this, since it's not like I have an idea for a fabric that I just must have and can't find anywhere, but the very idea that a lowlife, home sewer like me could DESIGN MY OWN FABRIC!!!!!!!!!! is just too much. You know what else is too much? The price per yard. That's just me and my budget; I understand where they are coming from and why it can't be $8 a yard.

I just paused in my writing to do more exploring, and it does say there is no minimum. I can't see how they could print just one yard, though. It might be fun to create a design and make some really cool bag that nobody else on Earth could have.

Here's an example of one I love. It's by Laurie Wisbrun. I mean, I can't imagine what I'd make with chair fabric, but it's so cool. What if you had a really funky house and you upholstered your chair with this? Or what if you upholstered your couch with chair fabric and your chair with couch fabric and confuse the heck out of visitors when you say, "please, have a seat on the couch"?


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