Monday, November 24, 2008

Lots of things rhyme with hat for a silly headline, but I can't think of an appropriate one

Fat hat? No. Cat hat? No. Splat hat? Oh, forget it. I'll save my headline writing skills for when I get to work later.

I wrote before that I got a great newsboy cap pattern from McHats on and was intrigued by the idea that one could whip up one's own hat, just like that. Ooh -- there's my headline: A hat, just like that!

I made my hat out of a tan corduroy with a funky lining. It was technically quite easy and fast, but I did have some problems with the fabric not feeding smoothly and getting little tucks all over. Also, it straight-up doesn't look good on me. I can't figure out if I'm just self-conscious in hats or if I just don't look good in it. I mush it this way and that, but I feel silly. It was a fun exercise in sewing, anyway.

personal projects

personal projects


Amy said...

I'm pretty sure you should post a picture of you wearing the hat. said...

why thank you for writing an article and posting a picture of your hat.

Cheers Sue