Sunday, November 9, 2008

More hats

I loved my button hat so much that I decided to make one that was more neutral in color. I used Cascade 220 in a tan color. OK, so I messed this project up, too. I seem to be on a roll. First, the yarn was too small for these needles. I didn't go down a needle size because I didn't want to buy more DPNs, and I only had them in the size the pattern called for, but not the next size down.

I should have doubled the yarn, but I was too lazy after winding from skein to ball to then divide that into two.

Finally, I accidentally dropped some stitches off the needle in the front, and I somehow didn't notice till I skipped a round. Again, laziness prevailed and I just put them back on and continued. So right in the front there are about a half-dozen stitches that are extra long slipped stitches instead of regular knit stitches. I don't think it's TOOOO noticeable.

I got the really cool button at Village Wools, the local yarn shop. I didn't notice before that there is a section of really cool buttons.

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My next project I like a bit more. I had hand-spun and hand-dyed this yarn a while back, but I only had 59 yards and that was not enough to make anything I came across. But then I found this pattern called Lyra's Knitted Hood. It made a cute little baby hat, which I'm giving to my friend. The yarn is a chunky, thick-thin wool in browns and blues. I didn't have enough for the braided ties, so I bought some grosgrain ribbon in blue and brown stripes. I think it's pretty darn cute.

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I'm also continuing slowly on my Soldier's Sweater from "Runway Knits," but again, I keep screwing up. Last night I tried to do the right front, after having completed the left front. But after 31 rows, I realized I did something wrong the entire way, and therefore was short about 16 stitches. This was after starting the piece about six times last night because I was messing up. So I'm at square one with that one.

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