Monday, November 24, 2008

Gloves without fingers: Does it make sense? Discuss

I always thought fingerless gloves or mitts were a silly idea. But then I find I get in my car when it's freezing and I want to use my iPod, but I can't because it has touch buttons and I have gloves on. What I really wish for are full gloves with only the fingertip of the index finger open, but I guess that's an invention for later.

These gloves were fun to make and fairly quick to knit up, but I realized after starting that they were for a men's hand or a women's large hand. I tried to make adjustments to the length, which worked OK, but the width is too big and the thumb gusset is gigantic. I used Elsebeth Lavold Angora yarn, one skein is exactly enough for a glove, but I did make mine smaller than the pattern. I added a little tea pot button for fun.

I had some trouble at the ends of the fingers -- I apparently cut off the yarn too short and it's sticking out. I hope it doesn't unravel soon.

***UPDATE: I wore these last night when I left work, and let's just say my fingers were COOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! So I'm really not sure the point of these. Now, I can see the reasoning behind using them indoors when it's chilly, but these are a bit too stiff for that.***

knitting projects,gloves/mitts

knitting projects,gloves/mitts


Amy said...

I would die for fingertipless gloves because my hands get so cold when I'm trying to type at work. Only I also want them to be very thin and also the same color as my skin so nobody will notice them. I need fingertipless skin gloves! Get on it, Christmas shoppers!

Happyplace. said...

Yeah, they're really not for winter, more like early fall. Where I live we can use 'em damn near every month but July and August! I've worn them over my lovely, dressy, leather gloves...but those are fingerless mittens, not gloves. Not sure how the gloves would fit, or look.

Mimzy said...

I've had much the same problem. My art/craft space is out in the cold garage, as in my PC. It's difficult to do anything with gloves on, so I knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves... only to have my fingers as icicles.
I suppose that's the price you pay when you want to use your fingers in gloves.

Although, I did find this pattern on Ravelry, with only three fingers fingerless;
Perhaps it would help?