Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It gets bigger than this?

OK, it's belly time. Here's the thing: I've always had a flat stomach. Big butt, maybe. Flabby thighs, OK. But I've never had a pot belly.

So this is really weird to me. I feel HUUUUGGGGGEE. And it's just the beginning.

16 weeks, first pregnancy

I know, I know. I don't know what huge is yet. It just feels so out-of-the-ordinary big right now that it's hard to imagine. It already gets in the way of sleeping or bending over, to some extent.

As for how I feel: better, but not great. I've gotten much of my energy back, though I still tucker out easily. I thought my horrible headaches were coming to an end, but I've had quite a few this week. They aren't as long-lived as they were before, though. And pregnancy low blood pressure on top of my normal low blood pressure means dizzy spells that create pounding headaches and make me almost faint. I have heard pregnant women faint fairly easily during such blood-pressure related spells, so I try to be careful and sit or lie down quickly.

I still hate food and don't feel like eating, and I'm not any hungrier than I ever was. I never had a big appetite to begin with, so I find this odd. Maybe one of these days food will sound delicious and I'll get super hungry. I guess for now, it's keeping me from gaining too much weight. Or, really, any at all (fat-wise). I think I've gained about 5-6 pounds total in four months, and it seems to be pregnancy-related.

OK, in case you've never been pregnant and you hear that you're supposed to gain 25-30 pounds, and you freak out, that's not all fat. I used to think it was fat because I thought, well, a baby only weighs like 7 pounds. But here's the breakdown:

Baby 7-8 pounds
Placenta 1-2 pounds
Amniotic fluid 2 pounds
Uterus 2 pounds
Maternal breast tissue 2 pounds
Maternal blood 4 pounds
Fluids in maternal tissue 4 pounds
Maternal fat and nutrient stores 7 pounds

So, really, you only want a few pounds of actual fat. And, yeah, I'm still vain and don't want to be someone who gains 60 pounds, with 30 pounds of that as fat. So all in all, I think things are going well so far.

I have not had any exercise, besides housework, and I think I'll feel much better once I do. But it's hard to work a swing shift because if I expend too much energy before work, then it's hard to make it through the night. And it's so darn cold, that just going for a quick walk isn't an option. I definitely see how regular exercise could help you in pregnancy, but at the same time, I don't get it because you just feel too crappy and tired.

Here's to better weeks ahead!


Emily said...

you look great! i'm glad to hear that the symptoms are subsiding somewhat!!

Kerry said...

Regarding Exercise: have you considered swimming? One of my cycling friends switched to swimming when she was pregnant because her fetus was putting too much pressure against her sciatic nerve and cycling was too painful. The water is warmer and it's indoors...maybe you can try that?
Regarding weight gain: my same friend is tinier than me (4'10", probably same weight/girth). She did not gain more than 15lbs I believe, and post pregnancy she was below her pre-pregnancy weight within a few months. She was one of those women who from behind looked not pregnant, even at 8months. She was also 36 when she got pregnant. So, if you made it this far in life without gaining a lot of weight you probably will be able to maintain that figure post pregnancy, especially if you keep up the exercise.

Also, my advisor did a ton of research on the effects of exercise intensity on infant acceptance of breast milk. The bottom line is you can workout as hard as you want when you're nursing, the kid won't care.

Marissa said...

You look great! You'll find your 'groove', as things progress. The really important thing is to listen to your body: eat when you're hungry (healthy choices) and rest when you're tired. It will all fall into place.
Also, I may or may not have thrown a grape at my computer screen when I read 'my tummy is already getting in the way'!!! Jeez, I had a bigger gut when I was 7!
Reminder: take pics of yourself at different stages of pregnancy. It's really cool to look back on later.

Katy said...

I am feeling pretty good too! The broken sleep is the thing that is really killing me - i am so massive compared to you - i had an inkling i was getting too big too quick and the photo of you have now confirmed my suspicions!

I am continuing Yoga and i am starting some pregnancy exercise classes - water and standard... i still and very tired but i am very happy i never had the spew thing!

My boobs have settled down thankgod - i have gone up 2 sizes already.

My next scan is in march and i can't wait to see my baby in 3D again - hopefully Peanut will look a little less alien this time. We aren't finding out the sex, will you do a post when you find out yours? What are you hoping for?

moongipsies@msn.com said...

I'm sure you feel huge.... but you look fabulous.