Sunday, January 24, 2010


Since finding out I'm pregnant, a couple of friends have sent me little gifts. One friend sent me a few of her favorite children's books and a book written by her friend on balancing motherhood and life.

The other day, I got a box from Amy with a very sweet survival basket for nursing moms.

gift basket

The basket has lots of things a new mother would never think of that a now-nursing mother knows all about:

1. aloe hand sanitizer
2. bendy straws, because she says she had a surprising amount of trouble drinking out of a normal glass while breast-feeding, at least at first.
3. Fiber One bars, for quick, one-handed eating.
4. Mints, for when you don't have time to brush. I still don't believe there's not time to brush, but I have a feeling I'm in for a tough lesson in about six months.
5. Left/right card, to keep track of which boob has a turn next, if you're doing one side per feeding.
6. Notepad with pen, for keeping track of things as you think of them.
7. Motherlove nipple cream
8. Lush neroli oil bars for fighting stretch marks.

gift basket

Pretty much all of these things, save No. 7, would be things I would not have thought of in advance, so thanks so much, Amy!

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what a fabu bag of goodies!