Saturday, February 6, 2010

I won! (nursing talk)

I feel like I never win things. But now I did! There's a fun site called Today's Give Away where cool stuff is offered each day. You have a chance to make several entries, depending on how many hoops you're willing to jump through. (And it's all kinds of things, not just baby related)


I won the Baby Bond coverup. It's basically a cover with a little hole that allows you to breast-feed without having your boob exposed or your baby covered by a blanket. Supposedly, the point is to be able to gaze into the eyes and bond with your baby. But also, a blanket can fall off, leaving you exposed.

baby bond

I have to admit, I'd feel a little weird being even this exposed while nursing, but who knows, maybe I'll get over it! I'm just excited to win something!

I also found a code for Udder Covers where you get a free $32 cover for the cost of shipping if you enter code "cranberry2." The Udder Cover (funny name!) is more of a drape, but has something to keep it in place.

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Amy said...

I never heard of this one - awesome. I have tried some of those other covers and I'm hopelessly awful at them. I just really have to be able to see Mia to get her latched on properly. As for looking in their eyes and bonding, I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or what. But the only thing she stares at is my boob!