Sunday, January 3, 2010

A garage in five minutes or less

My brother lives in rural Maine and built his house (with help) from scratch. Now, years later, he has added a garage that is even bigger than his house.

He did a time-lapse video that shows the whole thing from nothing to finished -- the video takes 5 minutes and is actually pretty darn cool to watch.

I don't know if Marissa can vouch for this, but he always says that in Maine, when your house gets old, you just build a new one next door. And leave the old one there. Actually, when I visited, I saw a bit of evidence of that. Somewhat unrelated but entertaining.


Emily said...

very cool! i wonder how they make those time lapse videos?

Kerry said...

That is sort of true for NH as well, although we don't have quite the availability of unused land as they do in Maine, which is a veritable wilderness.

A fun game to play if you ever drive around northern New England is "find the Mad Max House". There's on in every town, sometimes more. It's the sort of house that maybe at one time had a basic wooden structure with the standard 4 walls and a roof, but over time has been added onto with whatever raw materials happen to be lying around - sheet metal, old car parts, mattresses, pieces of styrofoam, boats, etc. People literally make additions to their house out of corrugated metal and wooden barrels. Every Mad Max house is different because of the uniqueness in construction style and materials, but they all have one thing in common - a DirectTV satellite dish. These people have their priorities in order.

Marissa said...

Haha- I concur!! I'll have to take a picture of our 'shop', which is really a garage added onto the house. Yup, it's as big as the house itself.
Funny you mentioned your bro today...I was crying to him late last nite while staring at the Spinning Beachball Of Death that I fear is signaling the demise of my laptop. I need to clone this thing before it blows!

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Anonymous said...

Those pillow will be adorable in Fiona's room.