Sunday, January 3, 2010

Really, Mark?

Husband-style folding:


Wife-style folding, same linens:



Lisa said...

LOL! Same thing at my house!

nima said...

you gave me giggle....i think it is same every where...

Kerry said...

I actually use a "folding board" like they use in stores (well, mine is not a fiberglass square, it's actually the cardboard insert from a soft cover 9x11" book that was shrink wrapped to it for shipping) to ensure that the T shirts on the shelf in the closet are neatly stacked.

When Andy does it, it usually involves wadding them into a ball and shoving them in any random order.

Marissa said...

They do it on purpose, so you'll stop expecting things from them.
Be strong.
Give him additional chores.
(Sorry, Mark. Man up!)

Robyn said...

After seeing the blog, Mark denies he was finished and claims he was going to do a better job later.

He wanted me to tell you that he does all kinds of things around the house (only, I'm still trying to figure out what they are!) ha ha