Thursday, January 21, 2010


Remember this bag I embroidered and made? I made it for Mark to give to a friend to give to his gal.

handbags, totes,embroidery

They took it to their cabin, which burned down. And now the purse is no more. Somehow, that makes me really sad. I never thought about one of my little creations dying a horrible death and existing no more.


Kerry said...

First, that is a gorgeous bag. Second - this is a reason why I don't think I could handle production sewing. People ask me why I don't start trying to make and sell garments, and the reason why is that I would hate to put time and effort and creative energy into something only to have the owner/wearer have a mishap or not treat it properly. Now, in the case of your bag, nobody is at fault. But still, that is part of you in that bag and now it's gone.

I would hate someone to throw something I made away...I can deal with throwing my stuff away if it doesn't fit right or is not sewn well or whatever, but I would hate someone to do that with an item I made that was a finished product. (So, the bag you made me is safe. And lovely, it's nice having a non-messenger bag to use as a purse so that I look proper and not like a dirty bike messenger/bike racer type.) said...

how sad. But it was pretty....

(and I still have your fab potholders)