Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink fleece jacket

You think your office is cold? Ha! Unless icicles form on parts of your body, you have nothing on my office. Fleece jackets are really nice to have because they are lightweight, soft, comfortable and so very warm. Problem is, store-bought versions are often also nerdy, with teddy bear prints and puffy fits.

I made several fleece jackets from a different pattern before, and love them (see this post and this post).
This time I used Simplicity 2762 and a hot pink fleece with pink flower buttons. After I made the jacket, I sort of wished I'd bought black buttons, but I have a painter doing my stairwell as we speak, and I couldn't get down the stairs to go to the store. Being impatient, I just put the pink buttons on, and I think it's pretty cute. I can always change the buttons easily later.

Pink fleece jacket

I did the purple jacket at the bottom.

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personal projects

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Happyplace. said...

That's awesome, I love the sleeves! When you said 'fleece', I thought 'straight zip-front- jacket- outerwear' kind of thing.
And like the pink buttons. I think the black would look cool, but will compete with the sleeves for attention.
Very nice!