Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Step 1: make an agonizing choice between Amy Butler fabrics

In the post before this one, I talked about my upcoming project: The Amy Butler Weekender Bag.

Weekender bag

I also talked about a new shop in Albuquerque called Hip Stitch. I had never been there, and it's one of only two places in the city that carry Amy Butler fabrics, the other one being way far across town. I went to Hip Stitch for the first time yesterday, and though it's a small place, it was homey and cozy and welcoming. The women who ran it are just lovely. As I perused the not-so-huge, but wonderful selection of fabrics, they told me that they are holding an Amy Butler trunk sale in early November with lots more fabrics, and patterns to boot! Oh, I'll be there. But I want to get started on my Weekender bag, so I decided to pick a fabric. Suddenly, the normally very decisive Robyn couldn't make a decision.

Finally, I picked these. The polka dot one is for the lining and the piping, and the other one is for the exterior. Every fabric she has seems to make a fantastic and entirely different version of the bag..

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

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