Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where shall I go?

Oh, you all know I like to make bags. But my creations have nothing on beautiful Amy Butler patterns.
If you sew, you know of Amy Butler. Her fabric designs are, well, fantabulous. Please, for love of all that is good, go to her Web site.

There are only two places in Albuquerque that sell Amy Butler fabric. One is a quilt store that is on the complete other side of town, and the other is this new place I can't wait to check out called Hip Stitch. Hip Stitch apparently is a place where you can rent machines and hang out and sew and stuff. I hope to go tomorrow, if they aren't closed for Columbus Day (as someone who doesn't necessarily even get Christmas off, don't get me started).

Anyway, I have fallen head over heels for Amy Butler's Weekender Bag (shown here in a photo *borrowed* from her site):

Weekender bag

Yes, yes -- those are some of her fabrics. I don't even know how I'll choose one. But, apparently, this pattern is very complex and takes people a good month and much banging of the head into a wall to finish. It will make my bags look like silly little failures. I mean, I'm going to make my own piping, for Pete's sake. Not even buy the kind that's already made!

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