Thursday, October 16, 2008

The End

Yesterday was the last day for my business, Burst of Happiness. I sold off all but about 5 or 6 bags and aprons, so I was really happy about that. When I first decided to close, I had dozens of items I thought I'd be stuck with myself.

It was really fun designing and creating handbags, aprons and other accessories. I just decided to move on. I didn't feel as sad about it as other people around me seemed to. It kept me quite busy.

It sort of feels strange now, like I lost some sort of connection with the outside world. I keep wanting to check my shop, but it's not there. I keep checking my email to see if anything sold, because every single time something did, I was so thrilled.

I cannot express how much I appreciate all the support I got, from my family to customers and friends. Thank you!

1 comment:

T-shirt Face said...

so, have the Duke City Renegades dumped you now that you're not artistic any more?