Friday, October 3, 2008

Genius! And cute, too.

You know how in the modern world, people use check cards more than they use checks for everyday purchases? (Except in New York City, where everywhere I went, places were horribly offended that I was trying to use plastic instead of cash, the only place I've ever been that's like that. Seriously, I thought they'd be more ahead of the times, as almost nobody I know primarily pays with cash anymore.)

Uh, I got a little sidetracked there. Anyway, I like to use my check card, which is used anywhere Visa is accepted but takes the money from my checking account. It's just easier for me then getting cash, and also helps me keep track of my spending better. But, unless you have an abundance of funds and don't worry about the balance, you have to carry around your checkbook register. And if you're gonna carry a wallet that holds a checkbook register, might as well keep the checkbook with it. Then, you might as well get a bigger purse and go lift weights so you can carry it.

Well, have I got the solution for you! I didn't invent it, I found it when I went to order new checks. It's the check card caddy, and it comes with tiny checkbook registers to keep track of your balance. I'd estimate this to be about 1/3 to half the size of my current wallet. And I can't believe it -- my purse feels like it weighs half as much! The mini-pen is a bonus.

check card caddy

No, I don't really have 6 grand in my account. As I was taking the photo, I realized my real balance was on the calculator, and it was pathetic. So I tried to make myself look wealthier, but then I felt guilty and had to admit it here.

Next to my old, mongo wallet:

check card caddy

Excuse me identity thefters, but don't bother trying to blow up the photo to read my personal info. Naturally, I blurred it with photoshop. Foiled!

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