Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tilted Duster

My Tilted Duster is finally finished, in all of its green glory. It felt like it took ages, but it was only about 5 or 6 weeks. Here are my observations, since I found those of others who made it before me to be very helpful:

1. I used the Peruvia yarn recommended. It's very nice. I like that it's subtly two-toned with mostly pea soup green and a touch of turquoise. But I agonized over which size to make because I just didn't want to buy an extra skein of yarn. After looking at other people's versions and reading a very tiny woman's concerns that the smallest size was too small for her, I decided on the size 36. It fits fine, but after purchasing the skeins required, I have a full one left over, and half of another. This annoys me to no end.

2. The fronts and back knitted up in a jiffy. Next, I did the sleeves simultaneously on circular needles. This saved me from the dreaded SSS (usually second sock syndrome; in this case, second sleeve syndrome, where you finally finish something and then have to start the second one from the beginning.)

3. Next, I sewed the fronts to the back at side and shoulders. This went quickly. I also sewed in one sleeve, which didn't go quickly. I didn't align the ribbed wrists very well and noticed after I sewed in all the ends. By the time I fixed it, I didn't feel like doing the other sleeve.

4. I picked up stitches and worked the "skirt." This part took halfway to a damn eternity. I ended up stopping about 8 rows early because, heck, I'm not exactly tall and I am short-waisted. It's a good length for me.

5. I did the three-button collar instead of the 2-button collar. I got this idea from Lynne Wiora's blog (thanks for providing instructions for the collar!). It looks better to me. I used teal ceramic buttons from JoAnn's. For the inside buttons, I just used plastic ones, because they are concealed anyway and the pretty buttons were expensive, plus they didn't have quite enough.

I am really pleased with the results. Unfortunately, it's very itchy where it touches my neck, so I had to find a mock turtleneck shirt. It has the perfect coverage without sticking out the top too much.

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Raine K said...

Hi Robyn,
That is so awesome! It looks so complex - it would literally take me years to make something like that!