Friday, February 16, 2007

You know that Hefty commercial where they say "wimpy, wimpy, wimpy"? Well, that's me they're talking about.

Between classes in SF yesterday, I went to the movies. At the time I arrived, I had two award-winning choices, one of which I can't remember and "Norbit." I chose the one I can't remember -- wait, I just remembered: "The Messengers." I could have just deleted that type and wrote it in, but I didn't.

I chose "The Messengers" because it started 20 minutes earlier than "Norbit." In the theater, there was me, one man farther up front and a bunch of vatos in the way back. The whole time before the movie and during the previews they were running around, making a ruckus, making their phones ring, hollering at each other. Once in a while, one would say, "Shhhhh," and another would scream, "Who the &*%$ told me to Shhhhh?!?"

Then two of them ran up and sat farther up. For some reason, a worker came in and got them and I thought they were kicking them out, but they didn't. The guys just moved to the back. Then they started acting up again and when a worker came back in, they all got quiet until the worker left again.

I decided I wanted to go watch "Norbit" instead of dealing with this all through the movie. Because they seemed the types to pull a gun if you confronted them, I decided one of us had to leave and it was easier if it were me. For some reason, at the time it seemed like I should make up a reason to leave. I don't know why I couldn't just walk out (I had to pass them). I thought, "I'll pick up my phone and pretend I got a call and am politely stepping out to take it (not that these people would understand that) and then I'll go into `Norbit.'"

And so I did. And because of people like me, people like them get to continue acting like they do.

I wish we had a polite side of a country and an asshole side of the country. Then, all the jerks could live together and ruin their own lives, and polite people could live happily ever after.


Amy said...

Boy ... it must have been reeeeally bad if it made "Norbit" look like the perfect solution.

Burst of Happiness said...

No kidding! I thought that big, fat lady looked amusing on the commercials, and sometimes she was, but it was pretty bad. At times, though, a super-nerdy black man is very funny.