Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"American Idol," the judges, the contestants. Discuss.

Last night, the live competition of "American Idol" began. Let us discuss. I can't say I am overly impressed with any of this season's American Idol contestants. Last season, I had clear faves going in. So far, I've only seen the guys perform, but I wasn't feeling excited by any of them. Last year, I liked Taylor from his first audition. I liked Elliot all the way through. Chris Daughtry was also amazing.

This season, I was instantly fond of Chris Sligh, mostly because he was hilarious. He walked in, this Jack Osbourne look-alike, and they asked him why he was there, to which everyone else replies, "I want to be the next American Idol." Blah, blah. Well, Chris Sligh says, "I want to make David Hasselhoff cry." The judges looked bewildered, but then the show cuts to the end of last season when Taylor won and it shows David H. in the audience clapping with a tear running from his eye.
Well, Chris starts singing, and dadgumit, he's really good! So I dig him.

Next up, I like beat-boxer Blake Lewis. He was one of the few good performances last night. He skipped the beat-boxing, and still sounded great. During Hollywood week's group performances, his group was in perfect harmony, and Blake's beat-box sounds really made the performance stand out.

Finally, the third male contestant that impressed me was Jared Cotter. He's handsome and smooth and has a beautiful voice.

I had really been holding out for the totally precious Sanjaya Malakar. The song he chose was awful, so his performance just put me to sleep.

The problem with this first round was that pretty much all the songs were sooooooooo boring. Even if you have a great voice, if the song sucks, no dice.
Next up, the girls.

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