Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's NOT a tooomah

I think it's about day 20 of having a headache. To some degree or another, I've had one for weeks. I went to the doctor at one point, but she said it could be weather fronts or computer strain. She did give me some more Midrin. I always thought Midrin was an old-school migraine medication. A throwback to the days when research was slim on the topic and medication options were slimmer. Since most classes of migraine medications have no effect on me at all, I just got Midrin. But come to find out, it's full of all kinds of goodies, such as muscle relaxant, pain killers and anti-anxiety medications. I don't know if that's completely accurate, but I hope so. It works OK, but it can bring rebound headaches, so that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

I went to my chiropractor and had a massage and adjustment, and I felt a bit better for a few days. But the last few days have been really bad. Last night at work, it definitely hit migraine status. On the way home I was feeling better. I started to think that maybe guacamole and chips and a margarita would be a good idea. I should have thought again. A person with a headache and stomachache should think the consumption of tequila over a little bit. Actually, after I finished it, I felt pretty good. I thought it had cured me. But about half an hour later, I got really sick feeling. The migraine was taking over full force. I went to bed and woke up better, but still with a headache.

Saturday night, Mark had urged me to avoid the computer or sewing machine for a few days (aside from work) because he felt it's contributing to strain on my body. He's probably right. But I've had these bouts before. My friend Tamara, who always has a migraine, got worried and thought I had a tumor.

I'm actually feeling a little better right now, so I should count my blessings! I also decided I was entitled to McDonald's for dinner. It's amazing the reasons I can find for deserving McDonald's.


Amy said...

When I'm not feeling well, I eat Kraft Spiral Macaroni and Cheese. NOT ELBOW NOODLES, but spirals.

I think chips and tequila makes you cooler than me.

Burst of Happiness said...

I like the elbow shape, myself. Don't you remember when we went to Phoenix and I wouldn't drink margaritas before dark? That does NOT make me cool. Didn't we have a fight about that or something stupid? Or I ruined everyone's night ...