Saturday, February 10, 2007

A lap cat, all the way

My cat Roady really likes laps. She needs them to survive. (Here she is getting in my way as I try to type my blog:)
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The other night, I got home and she was following us around everywhere meowing. Roady's not a particularly vocal cat, so I kept trying to figure out what she wanted. Milk? No. Food? Had some. Water? Had some. Outside? No. Private litter box hidden in the garage from the other cat? No. Then Mark said, "She wants a LAP." So I sat down and before my butt could hit the couch, Roady was on my lap, just purring away. It was true. She just needed a lap.


Amy said...

Chickenbone is the same way. He insists on draping himself across my lap while I'm sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my breakfast. And if I try to ignore him, he makes a running leap at my leg, shoving me with his two front paws. He packs quite a punch for weighing just 11 pounds.

Burst of Happiness said...

Ha! I've never seen Roady do that. But she really gets in the way of my knitting and makes me drop stitches, resulting in holes, resulting in me having to tear rows out and redo them. But she's so darn cute.