Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mrs. Cranky-Pants' dozen

1. People who throw clothes all over the dressing room and can't hang them back up. How rude and lazy are you?

2. People who don't return their carts to the "cart corral" -- don't even get me started on people who leave their cart behind someone else's car or next to it so the person can't open their door.

3a. People who drive enormous trucks and then have to take up two parking spaces. If you HAVE to take up two spaces, park far out in the lot.
3b. Why do people with huge trucks always have to BACK in to spaces?

4. People who park in handicapped spots but appear very able-bodied. OK, sometimes they have disabilities you can't see, but I've known people that have borrowed a handicapped placard because they had a baby.

5. People who won't type out words (gr8) (goin 2 store) or use punctuation. It's OK if you are text messaging on a phone, but other than that, please punctuate and capitalize and spell out words. It creates bad habits and people quit caring about spelling. I saw a MySpace profile the other day that had at least 40% of the words misspelled.

6. People who won't use turn signals.

7. People who make it a point to pass you and then have to immediately get right in front of you for no apparent reason even though you are going at least the speed limit, and there is no one else around in any of the lanes, and they aren't turning. It's like they are trying to say "nanny" to you, but why?

8. People who make it a point to pass you, get in front of you and then immediately slam on their brakes and turn. Why can't you just get behind me if you're going to turn in a few yards anyway?

9. When the turn arrow turns red and 8 more cars go through. Thank God for red light cameras!

10. People who call you (wrong number), don't recognize the voice (because it's a wrong number) and then demand to know who YOU are, like you called THEM.

11. Spam.

12. Men who stare. If they whistle are holler, well, they're lucky I don't own a gun.

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T-Shirt Face said...

Dear Ms. Cranky Pants:
It's time for a little introspection here. I think you ought to ask yourself, "Is it possible that I part of the problem? Am I doing anything to make people act this way?" Those of us who understand western highway etiquette (you get what you take) resent pokey drivers like you, with all your silly turn signal hangups and carts-in-the-corral obsessions. If you're afraid of some red light camera, get out of the way so the rest of us can take our amber light right of way. Spend your time arranging shopping carts. Hang up somebody else's clothes. Go ahead. But those of us with an actual life don't have time for all that. We just want to hury back to the truck, crack open a beer, and peel out of the handicap spot while we start texting our buds at Hooters.