Thursday, February 15, 2007

I turned 33 and everything went to s&*%

I don't feel any older, but boy, I haven't felt good since I was 32! I had my birthday last week and have had massive headaches for days. I felt good on Tuesday for the first time and then Wednesday I was really sick with a migraine and had to call in to work. Today, my head feels fine, but just trying to put my shirt on this morning I really tore something up in my neck/upper back. I've been in pain all day. I don't know how you can injure yourself getting dressed, but I pulled it off.

One time, I got a scrapbooking injury. That's right, a scrapbooking injury. I was using these fancy scissors that make a cool edge when you cut. They weren't very smooth, and after hours of cutting photos and paper with them, my thumb went numb (that rhymes). It took a few months before the nerve healed.

I've been at school all day in Santa Fe (that rhymes, too) and I have to carry a super heavy backpack AND a portfolio with all my patternmaking tools. I stopped at the outlets between classes and got a wheely bag, like a suitcase but it's more like a bag instead. But it took quite a load off my neck, so that helps. I got a good deal, but it came with a suitcase -- the set for $40 on sale. All the other stores had just the rolly bag for $70-$100, so I guess I can't complain. Only thing is, we already have about 9 suitcases, so if anyone wants a brand-new red suitcase for cheap-a-rama, let me know!

Morals of the story: Careful when dressing or scrapbooking. And when you get to your 30s, you no longer mind carrying your textbooks in a wheely bag.

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