Sunday, February 4, 2007

I ain't no hollaback girl -- or am I?

I became a No Doubt fan in the early '90s. I have faithfully bought most, if not all, of their albums. Naturally, when Gwen Stefani went single, I remained faithful to my little platinum songbird.
Then she wrote something very bizarre. It's a little ditty called "Hollaback Girl." When you hear "Hollaback Girl," you simply have to think, "WTF?"
I have wondered endlessly what a hollaback girl is and if I'm just too un-urban to know. Am I too white? Gwen is white. Or am I too old? I turn 33 on Wednesday. Maybe that's it. But Gwen is 35. So I asked some younguns at work (28 and 22, I believe, and much cooler than I am. I, after all, was ordered by these people to remove my cell phone from my belt at a bar recently) what this very curious term means. They shrugged and said the song sucks.
But this wasn't enough for me.
I started researching. I turned to a very reliable source, also known as "the Internet" for my answers. I found this excellent analysis of the song. I suggest you go to the site and read it:
Important "Hollaback Girl" analysis

What's stupid about this song is that it's a 35-year-old woman singing about being a cheerleader who has to kick someone's ass because she or he talked smack about her. Then she spells bananas a bunch of times. But that still doesn't answer the question: What is a damn hollaback girl?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

For that, I turned to, which defines it as:
A female, usually a teenager or young adult, who, when insulted, will reply verbally. This is typically achieved by insulting the original insulter (otherwise known as 'hollering back', shortened in this case to 'hollaback').

my favorite definition is this:
A term that Gwen Stefani apparently just made the *$%& up and tries to pass on as regular slang.
Ohh look at me I'm Gwen Stefani blah blah blah blah HOLLABACK GIRL blah blah blah

Apparently, any old fool can post a definition on this site, but this one seems the most explanatory, though I can't vouch for its accuracy:
Contrary to popular belief, this was not invented by Gwen Stefani. She wrote the song in response to a music journalist who made some catty remarks about how Gwen was a cheerleader in high school.
'I heard that u were talking sh!t and you didn't think that i would hear it'...
A hollaback girl is one of the backup, inferior cheerleaders. She was not one of those, but the leader.
'we both wanna be the winner but there can only be one'
Gwen Stefani was merely saying that yes, she was a cheerleader, but she was a damn good one!
'I ain't no hollaback girl fool, i'm the leader!'

So there you have it. I'm NOT a hollaback girl!

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