Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I started my new position at work yesterday. I'm still a copy editor, but they broke up our copy editor serfdom and integrated many of us into different departments. I'm with the metro desk now.

I had to move across the room, but I welcomed that. I like change, and on the plus side, I now have light. I used to sit in an area where there were a few people that hated the light.

I started trying to move on Saturday night at the end of my shift. I started cleaning out the desk, which had previously belonged to someone who was let go during the layoffs. I guess I don't blame him for not sticking around and cleaning out his desk, but I do blame him for saving every last paper that he's ever come in contact with. It took me a good hour and a half to get all the drawers emptied and the top of the desk cleaned. I also had to vacuum and deal with mouse poop. Helllooooo hantavirus!

Sunday night, I moved all my stuff over and I started my new shift yesterday. It went really well on our side, though the area I moved from looked a bit overwhelmed. I suspect we'll have to change things as we go.

My mouth feels good nearly two weeks after my gum graft surgery. It's healing well, so far. I had a bit of a scare because the surgery site was really puffy, but I went in yesterday and was told that it looked totally normal. I was told I could exercise moderately, but I went on the elliptical today and my mouth was throbbing at the surgery site, so I'll have to lay off a bit longer.

I'm anxious to get sewing and finish up my Eiffel Tower outfit! After that, I'll get going on my Prairie Girl dress.

At the Santa Fe bureau of my work, the editor often puts a note on the top of a story saying "efforting art." Translated, that means she's looking for a photo to accompany it. I'm not sure if there's a more jargony way to say it.

Anyway, I apologize for not "efforting art" for this blog post, but all I can think of is a picture of my wounded mouth or mouse poop, so you can thank me later.


MLE said...

Good luck with your new position, and I'd veiw that sore mouth as an excuse to avoid the gym if I were you ;)

Sophie said...

But what if we *want* to see mouse poop? Effort!