Saturday, June 27, 2009

I do apologize for not having thought of a witty post in some time.

Remember the handmade butter crock I wanted for my birthday that my dad got for me?

Butter crock

And then Mark broke it?

Butter crock, broken

Well, it was really, really hard to glue it back together, and it looks just awful. It's not fooling anybody, and a guest at our house actually was like, "what the hell happened there?"

But butter crocks (which allow you to use a seal of water to keep butter fresh while at room temperature) are not very common, and not something you can just go out and buy. You generally have to search the Internet, and they aren't all that cheap either. The one above was, I think, close to $40.

So I'm looking around Savers thrift store for some bargains, and what do I find? A butter crock! How did you guess?

butter crock

And it was $4.99. It's also a smaller size. I wanted a one-stick sized crock (the other one is a 2-stick) because I can't eat it that fast, and the lower it gets, the harder to keep it sealed.

For the record, I fully understand if I'm the only person who cares about this. I mean, what kind of boring blog is this?


PaisleyJade said...

Great find.. I care! haha

Marissa said...

I loved that crock! I didn't know he's broken it...but I'm glad you found another.

Amy said...

The broken butter crock made me weep.

moongipsies said...

actually it's a great post. You get sucked in by the seemingly orinariness of life... and then bam !
A bit of serendipity in finding a another.

--and crocks are cool.