Saturday, June 13, 2009

One more thing I should consider cleaning once in awhile

My sewing machine has been acting naughty lately. The bobbin gets all messed up for no apparent reason. Finally, I unscrewed the plate and took out the bobbin holder. Dear God, there was a lot of lint in there. Like pounds of it. And it was packed into solid formation like this lint here, which I broke in half. That's right, I broke lint.

sewing room

I used a little brush and some tweezers and got most of it out. Then I used canned air to blow everything else out. No wonder the little cogs and gears couldn't turn properly.

After I put things back together and resumed sewing, it purred like a kitten. I hadn't realized that it wasn't supposed to sound so loud and clunky. I had to actually stop and check that it was really sewing because it was so smooth and quiet. Yay!

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MLE said...

your posts always make me laugh...i've never seen lint BREAK!