Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lots of sewing time

My husband's out of town, so I've had lots of sewing time. Unfortunately, he took the camera, so I can only use my cell phone. Strangely, the photos are almost better than with my camera. Can't figure that one out.

In an earlier post, I showed you the Prairie Girl dress from Favorite Things that I am going to make with pretty Amy Butler fabric. Because of my recent mishaps, I was definitely going to make a muslin first.
Last night I realized there's a shirt version in the same pattern, which is just the dress cut shorter. I spied a pretty white/orange/blue/green vintage sheet in my collection and decided to go for it. This killed two birds with one stone: It basically served as my muslin (only change is the dress is longer) and allowed me to make something with all these sheets I've been buying. It was bugging me that I wasn't making use of them fast enough.

sewing,vintage sheets,Favorite Things

For the dress, I'll be doing the ruffled cap sleeve. I like this top a lot, but from the back, it sort of looks like a scrub top a nurse would wear. I think a lot of it's the sleeves.

sewing,vintage sheets,Favorite Things

I was going to make the dickey out of this sheet here, which sort of matched, but then when I tried the top on, I happened to be wearing this green tank that matched well. It brought out the colors better than the second sheet.

vintage sheets

Next up is a gathered empire waist top made from this matryoshka print fabric that I bought some time ago. I didn't have much and couldn't figure out what to do with it since it's so wrinkly and doesn't lay flat. I am going to use Simplicity 3750, and I have it all cut out. That was no easy task. I decided the best thing to do was to lay it out on a cardboard cutting mat and pin the fabric stretched out. Then I cut to my best ability and let it shrink back up.

matryoshka fabric

Simplicity 3750


MLE said...

cute cute cute! I am a bit scared of sewing clothes, but I'm inspired by your shirt! Maybe I shall give it a shot!

Marissa said...

You make it seem so easy. At least show me the kindness of sticking yourself with a pin once in a while. I'll sleep better.

Robyn said...

@MLE: This top is surprisingly simple. I cut it out and sewed it in a few hours.

@Marissa: I stick myself with pins all the time. Like, nonstop. Sometimes my fingers remain sore for days. Seriously. So go get a good night's sleep now!