Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amy Butler Anna Tunic

I recently splurged on this Amy Butler pattern and fabric during the sale at Hip Stitch. The fabric is less orange and more salmon in real life.

It's the Amy Butler Anna Tunic. A few things aren't perfect, such as the armholes being a bit snug. I'm not sure what went wrong there. There doesn't seem to be anything I could have messed up on in that area.

Amy Butler,sewing

Also, the big, crazy flower pin blends right in. The fabric is so busy that you can't even see it in the photos.

Amy Butler,sewing

This pattern was fun and fairly easy to make. I feel like most things came out looking nice, including the button area. Closures are usually where I mess things up.

Amy Butler,sewing

You can leave the flower pin or the belt off. Here it is without the belt:

Amy Butler,sewing

This pattern can also be made longer in a mini dress, regular dress or a bit shorter of a top.

I'll take better photos on a real person (me) tomorrow if I have time.

Speaking of which, here are people photos of my Favorite Things Prairie Girl top made from vintage linens:

Favorite Things,Prairie Girl

Favorite Things,Prairie Girl

Now I'm off to start on the dress version of this pattern.


PaisleyJade said...

That looks amazing... I loooove the fabric, almost paisley-like. You are super clever!!

Katy said...

That is a very cool top - i have been wondering about that pattern and have thought about giving it ago - maybe when it gets a bit warmer here!, i love the buttons on the back :-)

Gillian said...

I had the same problem with my Anna Tunic (actually I've made a few now). I thought I had fat arms but maybe not!