Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Amy Butler sewing

I've been on a clothes-sewing kick lately, as opposed to quilting. Although I do have a quilt planned.

Here's a live-human picture of my Amy Butler Anna Tunic. It's better to take pictures outside, but my new neighbor was hanging out in her yard, and our walls are low. I feel silly setting up my camera on timer and posing by myself around my yard:

Amy Butler

I had wanted some cropped denim pants for a few years, and I found these on the Target clearance rack for $11 the other day. There was only one pair that I saw, and they happened to fit me perfectly.

I also finished my Favorite Things Prairie Girl dress, also made of Amy Butler fabric. I was really excited about this dress initially, but I'm not as excited about the end result. It's OK, but not quite what I expected.

Amy Butler,Prairie Girl,Favorite Things

Prairie Girl,Favorite Things

I like a closer fit, and tying it too tight doesn't really look good. But if you make a smaller size, you may have trouble getting the dress on, since there's no zipper or buttons.

Amy Butler,Prairie Girl,Favorite Things

I think maybe a thinner, drapier fabric would have looked nicer, so the skirt would fall more softly.

Mark says I need to get a tan if I'm going to wear that dress. I do look even pastier than usual, I must admit.


MLE said...

wow, how cute! I think the skirt hangs nicely...and you don't look too pale!

PaisleyJade said...

Love your outfits!!! I dream of sewing some clothes... did you have a pattern for your top?? Looks great.

Robyn said...

Yep -- I used the Amy Butler Anna Tunic pattern.

Marissa said...

I like the dress a lot. Both fabrics are beautiful. I would think you'd get a lot of wear out of that dress, and I love the ruffled sleeve.