Sunday, May 6, 2007

Look for me next to the hippie selling hemp jewelry

I'm planning to do an "arts and craft show" this summer on two occasions. I don't like the term "arts and craft show" because it sounds like some horrible church bazaar with patchwork angels and kitty-cat toaster cozies with frilly edges. But this one is classy! This one is for vendors who make everything from artwork to handbags (me!) to jewelry. It's called The Neighborhood Market.

The market will be held in Downtown Albuquerque behind the Flying Star at Silver and Seventh every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. I plan to be there June 23rd and August 18.

I'll be sharing a booth with Beth, of Socks That Fit.
We're spacing our dates out in the hopes that our days will be fruitful and we will need time to replenish our stock. My best friend, Tamara, has graciously offered to help me out at the market. I am a bit nervous about getting everything set up.
I envision this really homey, cute tent, but I'm not sure how to go about that. I'd like multiple little tables to set things on so that it looks welcoming and cozy. Maybe cloths on the table so it doesn't look cheesy.
I'll be selling my Burst of Happiness handbags.

What? You say you'd like to view one of my adorable totes? OK! This is a teal and brown toned paisley handbag with striped bottom and lining. Naturally, it has pockets galore for your cell phone, iPod and pens. And a flap for stuff you need to hide, like tampons or a gun. A really, really small gun. Actually, maybe Mace or a pocket knife would fit better -- for your own protection, of course. I'm not advocating that you pack some heat and rob a convenience store. Although, you'd look super cute doing it with this bag! But, I digress. Please, view:

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