Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 3, Hawaii

Day three started out pretty uneventful. We decided to lounge around. Our room faced the beach, so all we had to do was walk outside the hotel and there we were.

The thing is, we don't really like the beach. It's pretty and all, and always looks appealing, but the truth is, the beach is messy. The water looked dirty when it rolled in and the sand sticks all over you. There's creepy things like sand crabs and jellyfish. Meanwhile, there was an amazing hotel pool area just a few yards away, so we found that much more pleasant. Clean water, no sand. Hot tub. Comfy chairs. Waiters with pina coladas.

That night, we had tickets to see a dinner theater production of "South Pacific." Mark found out the Hilton was putting it on and was dying to go. I can't begin to describe the horror. First, we had to stand in line for an hour with no air conditioning despite having tickets. Then we entered. It was a basic hotel ballroom with big tables of eight and a really awful buffet. I mean awful. By the time the play started, we'd been there 2.5 hours and were ready to go. The play kind of reminded me of "Waiting for Guffman." All these really bad actors on a really bad set in a really cheesy location taking themselves really seriously. The lead actor couldn't sing or act.

At intermission, we wanted to cut out. But we had promised a ride to another couple we had met in line who had taken a cab and were staying at the same hotel we were. They were more than happy to leave early, so we split and had a nice drink with them at our hotel.

Next day, Mark called the Hilton and complained about how awful everything was. They gave our money back and acknowledged it was an understudy playing the main role.

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