Sunday, January 18, 2009

A working sink -- no thanks to me!

I wrote in the post below about my dripping kitchen sink. My attempt to fix it was sort of like using a lawnmower to take the thorns off a rose. In the end I had a disassembled and unusable sink.

As usual, we ran to our neighbor, Ronnie. He is trained in plumbing, but he's also a chef who reached quite a high culinary level while training in Europe. Pretty cool, huh?

In the end, I had decided to replace my faucet. My old one was dripping, and I guess that is fixable, but I had already screwed that up, plus the faucet was extremely basic and a decade old. As I tried to remove the old faucet, I came to a step I couldn't get past: a very rusty bolt. Ronnie said that nobody could remove that bolt the normal way; water had gotten in that way and corroded it badly. He had to cut it off. Then he very kindly installed my new faucet. Of course we paid him.

I've never been so happy to be able to wash dishes.



I'm Marissa said...

Ah, much better. There's nothing worse than washing dishes and the like in the bathroom sink. My grandmother always said 'don't s... where you eat'. She was talking about office politics, but the line always stuck with me. Hey, I see your herb pots...any action yet??

Robyn said...

Not yet on the plants. I don't hold out much hope after reading up on the Web. I may have to wait till it warms up and get them started outdoors in more sunlight. I think once they are growing, the window will suffice.