Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little differences

I had a sloppy spice rack with a wide array of containers/brands. It was nothing I spent much time thinking about, until I found these little jars and labels. Now it looks much nicer, and I can see how much I have of everything. Also, I plan to buy small amounts of spices in the bulk section of the Sunflower Market or Whole Foods from now on, so these are nice and easy to refill.

I discovered how much I am disgusted by curry when I had to transfer it from one container to another. I almost got sick. I had to spray Lysol. I just can't stand the smell, and I think I avoid foods with curry. The smell stuck with me all day, turning my stomach. Coincidentally, it was my friend's birthday and she invited me to an Indian restaurant that same evening. I had already eaten, but I wanted to give her a gift. I had a hard time smelling all that curry in the restaurant.




My herb garden is not coming along so well. No sprouting at all. I guess I'll have to wait until spring and get them started outdoors in the sun.



I've been on a fix-up and clean spree lately. Scrubbing grout, getting ready to steam clean some of the carpet. Like where my cat threw up today and created a horrible stain that won't come out. I cleaned my oven yesterday, too. I tried to vacuum the stairs, but the vacuum overheated on me.


My quilting class starts next week! I'm excited, but I also really want to get started on a personal sewing project. I've been quite inspired by Erica B.'s blog. She sews so much and her clothes look like she shops at a high-end boutique. I figured what I needed to get me going was a specific project, so I bought this pattern and fabric.

It's Vogue 1086


I also finally completed the first sleeve for my Soldier's Sweater. This project is taking me forever to finish. One more sleeve and the front band to go.

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