Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A one-day scarf in just 45 days!

I finally finished my Liesel scarf. The pattern says it can be made in less than a day, but I think this only possible if you are Miriam Tegels, the fastest knitter in the world. I look like a snail next to her. No worries. I think that knitting should be about the pleasure and relaxation, and not about winning some sort of scarf marathon.

The Liesel scarf, pattern available here, is a lovely lace pattern. It looks great with a lighter-colored yarn. I used black, and it's very hard to see the pattern. It's easy to always go for the beautiful, colorful yarns, but all in all, a person often wishes for a simple black scarf when getting ready to leave the house.

knitting, scarvesknitting, scarves

From the original creator, so you can see the pattern better:

knitting, scarves

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