Saturday, January 3, 2009

So close, yet so far

I have finished my Bittersweet Teak Gauntlets from "Boutique Knits." They would be perfect IF I JUST HAD TWO LEFT HANDS.

That's right. I am truly a complete dumbass. I spent all this time knitting them, and forgot to consider that the instructions for the right hand would be reversed. How this never crossed my mind until I was attaching the second band is beyond me. It was one of those moments where go into a complete panic and want to cry, but can't because you're so far beyond that that crying is impossible.

Usually, I am so upset over a big mistake that it takes a day or two to feel like I can come back to it and do something about it. This time, I sucked it up very quickly and decided that the only option is to order more yarn and make two right hands. Then I will give one pair away as a gift to someone. I am not looking forward to starting all over, but otherwise this entire pair is worthless.

And I suppose that if I were born with two left hands, I couldn't write very well and people would look at me funny.

Well, here is one of the finished ones, and I love how it came out:


And with its all-too-identical mate:



I realized that my solution above was also quite stupid. Someone pointed out that perhaps I could just rip my second mitt and redo it. I then realized that I would only have to go down to the start of the colorwork, because that's where the instructions change. I did that and am on my way to finishing them.

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Happyplace. said...

Um, well, think of it this way: you are halfway to completing a Christmas gift for next year! There should be some kind of award for that! (trying reeeally hard not to laugh about this, 'cause I surely would have done the same exact thing...)
They did turn out quite lovely; you'll have no trouble whipping through the 'rights'.