Friday, January 16, 2009

Photosynthesis, baby, photosynthesis

I have decided to plant an indoor herb garden. I have been cooking more, and I thought it would be nice to just grab a leaf or two when I need something rather than going to the store and buying a package that has way too much of whatever I need.

The thing is, I have never grown anything from seeds before. I planted them and placed them in my kitchen windows, behind the sink. I hope that in the mornings, they will get lots of sun, but I don't really see much of mornings with my sleep schedule, so I can't be sure.


I also decided to replant a few other house plants so they will have fresh soil. I tend to neglect my plants a little. Suddenly, I remembered a plant I had stuck on top of the kitchen cabinets when I painted months ago. It's the long droopy one in the middle below. I felt so sorry for it. Actually, I felt like the time my brother had a hamster named Tiny Elvis and he forgot about it. He had put its cage in a back room because it was noisy at night. One afternoon, we were snacking in the kitchen and he looked up with big eyes and said, "OH NO! Tiny Elvis!!!" We ran into the back room, expecting the worst. Tiny Elvis had busted out. Oh my God. It makes me sick to think of him suffering in there -- and it was not my fault. He was my brother's pet and I had no idea he was being neglected. I still dream that he is living in a palace inside the walls of that house. OK, actually, that house was torn down. Anyway, never saw him again. I guess a plant is a little different, but I still see them as having feelings. I can never discard a plant until it's completely dead. One green leaf, and it stays.



I have been really busy lately, but I can't really say what I've been doing. I haven't been sewing much. I have been knitting, but not completing much. I'm almost done with my Liesel scarf, which is taking an eternity despite the pattern saying it can be completed in less than a day. I'm still working on my Soldier's Sweater from "Runway Knits." I'm halfway done with sleeve No. 1. Then I do sleeve 2 and sew them on. Then I just have to knit a band all the way around the front and neck. I'll be glad to get that one done.

Here is something nobody else will appreciate. A tin of buttons. When I was a kid, my mom had a jar of buttons in the sewing room, and I loved it. So I had a jar of buttons when I grew up. I save all the extra buttons that come with clothes. The other day, I put them in this tin. Now they are even more appealing to me. I can see and touch them better.



I found out I am extremely vitamin D deficient. My doctor gave me super strength vitamin D pills to take once a week for 15 weeks. I can't understand how a fair-skinned person living in one of the sunniest places on earth can become vitamin D deficient. I need to get outside more, but it's cold, and so when I do I'm pretty much completely covered except for the face. Waiting impatiently for spring.


I got myself this handy and cute little key ring crochet hook from 5elementknitr on Etsy. You know, you take your knitting with you some place and then drop a stitch and don't have a crochet hook to fix it. NIGHTMARE. But with this, you'll always have one on hand.

Crochet hook


I wish I could find a way to learn about photography -- just enough to take decent pictures for my blog. I'm afraid that any class I find will expect me to have some fancy expensive camera. I'd just like to know how to work better with my not-so-fancy camera. My pictures are badly framed and lighted. My camera seems to have two options: no flash or extremely bright flash. Any ideas?


Carolyn said...

First of all..make sure you take those Vitamin D pills! You can get very very ill with low D and it can have nothing to do with how much sun you get. Go figure. I live in Santa Fe and have a friend who was seriously disabled my low D. She recovered amazingly with the right pills! everyone says, natural light is best because flash light doesn't do anything or anyone any favors. In your first shot of the plants at the window you are getting natural light in the windows and may have had enough without the flash if you held a piece of white cardboard/foamcore etc next to you to get the sun from the windows bouncing off the board and onto the front of your plants. It's amazing how much light can be bounced off of even a little piece of white card. Hope that made sense. If you can't go with natural light, attempt to diffuse the flash by putting tissue paper or the like over the flash (just tape it on there). A lot of it is hit and miss.

Hope this helps a wee bit!

Robyn said...

Thank you, Carolyn, for your comments on both topics. The photography tips help a lot. And I'm definitely taking my D pills!